Simple training video set intro teaser sample from Keith Gordan at GetMoreOffers.com

Boost your Google SEO rating

Google smiles on content that creates value like HOW TO videos and boosts them higher in searches. Google values a $100 training video higher than a 100,000 dollar commercial and that’s the truth.

Establish yourself as an expert

Brand yourself as a high-quality expert in your area for higher-quality customers and pay. For years people have been writing books to show off their expertise and now videos can do the same.

Advertise your services organically

Use hot topics and keywords along with powerful knowledge to tap into free organic online searches. Stop spending thousands on advertising and let your knowledge create free organic clickbait ads.

Monetize your business knowledge

Create monetized public video sets for Youtube and private master courses for your business website. Build a monetized following on Youtube & re-direct them to website subscription-based master classes.

Create significant content that lasts

Create significant content that is relevant for decades, advertises you and helps people in the process! A video that solves a problem and helps people will be talked about, shared and remembered for years after even the highest budget commercial is forgotten.


Just ONE national commercial video: $25,000 to $100,000

Just ONE local commercial video: $2,500 to $25,000

Get up to TWENTY FIVE training videos: $2,500 to $5,000 (with Flare Media Group)

What your video training goals should be: 1-year goal: 100 public videos on youtube & 12 private master videos on website subscription. 2-year goal: 200 public videos on youtube & 24 private master videos on website subscription.

Ways to maximize training video production to get the biggest bang for your buck: Being more prepared can take you from only speaking 10 or 15 videos to 20 or 30 in a day of shooting.

  1. Create a short course plan and practice speaking it fluidly into your phone. Create big section titles and subtitles on paper or computer that you can see from behind the camera that triggers you to speak about the topics and keywords that you have practiced speaking fluidly.

  2. Keep things to the point and organic (not scripted) communicating valuable working knowledge in your area of expertise and some real-world examples from your life and/or business projects.

NOTE: The editing and post-production process is very time consuming, usually taking 3 to 4 hours for every interview hour shot. If your videos need a green screen or a lot of editing for mistakes & re-takes extra charges may apply so keep your videos short, to the point and relevant only to the section at hand.