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We answer the phone & return emails fast because we appreciate your business! Full crews, equipment & local studio rentals or cost effective one-man camera operators on location with gimbal, drone, lights & mics! Flare Media Group is an owner operated, high quality yet cost effective Florida video production company and freelance network with an extended service area from Atlanta to Miami and beyond with current passports.

We can certainly offer traditional industry standard pricing for top pro video productions on a deadline that demand big studios, full crews and the most expensive gear, that's easy... But we also offer modern "Elastic" or variable pricing using the latest technology like lightweight focus tracking Sony cameras, robotic motion control sliders and small but powerful handheld gimbals and drones for less crew and equipment without sacrificing an acceptable level of quality.

Our "Elastic" video production service pricing starts at $250 per hour with an 8 hour minimum and includes pro Sony 4K cinema camera, tripod, 2 lights, 2 wireless lav mic and a 6'x9' wrinkle free portable green screen if needed at your location anywhere in West Central Florida.

Optional extras for additional cost include robotic slider, teleprompter, local studio, more cameras, more crew, talent, props, lighting, grip equipment and extended travel across state, country or world. Editing and post production options are also extra and range from $50 to $100 per hour depending on project intensity, deadline & software used.

Although many clients want similar videos, pricing can be incredibly variable depending on location, style, equipment and crew. Below are some of the best questions that will help us give you the best quality and price for your project. Short answers are fine and if you don't know an answer it's ok to leave it blank.