Flare Media Group was founded in North Hollywood, CA during film school in 2008 to 2012. Now back home in Florida almost two decades after shooting the first video, Flare Media Group has become one of the best boutique style choices who leads the way in high quality yet cost effective commercial and corporate video production serving Florida and beyond with quality production and studio partners also in New York and LA.

Flare Media Group, CEO "Chris Cameron" is an LA film school graduate with a major in cinematography and editing. Chris is an Arri Alexa Mini LF and Sony FX9/FX6 camera owner/operator plus a DJI Inspire 2-X7 licensed drone owner and operator. Chris still personally edits most of Flare Media's main videos using a 32 terabyte raided Adobe and Davinci, Apple editing suite. Chris has volunteered for the St Pete CASA Center for Domestic Abuse and Police Athletic League, the Clearwater division of "Hydrate the Homeless" and the Clearwater Marine Science Center over the years plus received special recognition from the Hollywood Arts Council for videography on "The Children's Festival of the Arts" in Hollywood California and the Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation for video production contributions.

At Flare Media Group we believe in doing everything possible to facilitate good trustworthy business by providing totally transparent estimates and invoices with goal oriented project based milestones that confirm our experienced understanding, honest intentions of doing our very best and allow for easy in-house financing. We believe we are only as good as our last job so we strive to stay on time and on budget with every project while always pushing for perfection. We go the extra mile as if your video is for our very own company. We do it with enthusiasm, creative passion and a sense of caring that is often said to be uncommon in the industry.