Freddy at Yoga Village in Clearwater called us to help make some promotional content for his Yoga business after just purchasing it and wanting to boost marketing a bit. We offered to produce 2 mini 5 minute pro web series’ about his awesome business and also edit a promo commercial video from all the footage for around the same price as just one quality 60 second web commercial including social clips, stills and multiple lengths for web and tv use. It was a no brainer because of how cost effective this form of production is and now he has tons of media to post for months everywhere!

We believe at Flare Media Group that mini reality shows might be the future of local business video marketing because they allow potential customers to connect on a more personal level and comfortable identify with a professional but more real way of advertising products and services. Mini reality shows establish the client as an expert, brand them as a local celebrity and offer sponsorship and product placement opportunities while creating months of social media content to post for the same price or less that a high end commercial that often gets old in a month…  Contact Us Now for a free video estimate over the phone within 15 minutes!