Flare Media Group is an Orlando Video Production Company

We are proud to call the Orlando area of Central Florida one of our main service areas! Home to Disneyland, Universal Studios, and thousands of other tremendous companies it is by far one of the most incredible places to live and work in Florida. At Flare Media Group we consider Orlando part of our home service area so there is never a trip charge on any video production project for us to travel to Orlando from Clearwater or Tampa Bay. Dozens of times per year we are in Orlando, from corporate events to local interviews and commercials we can help you with high-quality yet cost-effective video production that gets attention and represents you in a positive and professional light. CONTACT US HERE.

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Introduction to Flare Media Group

Flare Media Group was incorporated in 2017 as an owner-operated Florida LLC in good standing after 10 years as a sole proprietor business. Flare Media has hundreds of satisfied customers here and around the world, over fifty local five-star reviews alone in the Tampa Bay area and of course is fully licensed and insured as a commercial video production company.  Initially, just a video editing company started 15 years ago, Flare Media Group with it’s ultra hi-tech yet minimalistic attitude now helps lead the pack of successful individually owned & operated video production companies in the Tampa Bay area.

The 3 steps to identify a qualified company

  1. The company you call should answer their phone or return it quickly, professionally & politely taking time to ask about your project & give you answers right then on the spot. 
  2. The company should give you a written estimate with a few options for basic production & extra add-ons to make it more advanced and high-end. 
  3. Research the business at sunbiz.org making sure they are a registered Florida company in good standing. Also, check for any negative feedback or complaints on westflorida.bbb.org. A lot of good companies are not a member of the Better Business Bureau and that’s ok but they should have no outstanding unresolved negative complaints. Their website and social media pages should show good design, professional posts & recent production activity that is relevant to the project you need help with. Lastly, look for relevant and current posts along with five-star reviews on Google, Yelp or Bing business networks. 
  4. Oh and as Elon Musk would suggest, simply ask them about a few of their past jobs in detail and if they easily go into detail through many levels then they usually are the ones who have indeed completed that task to satisfaction.

Our Qualifications

At Flare Media Group we have a treasure trove of completed projects and over 50 five star Google reviews from local businesses to international corporations so feel free to check us out and see if we make the grade!

Why work with us?

If you are looking for someone you can trust, to depend on, someone who loves what they do and is not just out to make a paycheck. If you need to promote or highlight a product, business or event with short form, fast, flashy, exciting and fun pro commercial or just promotional video content Flare Media Group is one of the best in Tampa, Florida! 

Why trust us?

We love what we do and the people we do it for so we keep things simple and clear. We believe in doing everything possible to facilitate good trustworthy relationships by providing totally transparent agreements with goal oriented project based milestones that confirm our experienced understanding and honest intentions of doing our very best, going the extra mile and completing your project on time and on budget with enthusiasm and creative passion. 

Video Production Pricing

Our pricing is carefully and efficiently created based on industry standard rates and local competitive price averages. All jobs are not different to a company with good experience and that’s why we can usually give accurate estimates right over the phone for free on the first call. Our finished production quality competes with multi-million dollar studios for almost half the cost in some cases due to our local group partnerships and “studio by request” business model.

Our Other Services

Pro Editing, Post Production & Distribution

Our world class training and experience in making things awesome in post has been the driving force in our continued video production success. We are fast and highly trained in every style of video editing and offer modern motion graphics, color correction,  visual effects, pro audio mixing & sound repair plus can offer insight into Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Spectrum, Youtube and other social media distribution and marketing platforms.

High-Motion Aerial Drone & Gimbal

If you’ve ever had dreams of flapping your arms and being able to rise up and fly then you need to buy a drone! We did and after getting trained and certified we now offer unparalleled commercial aerial drone cinematography and photography with that classic smooth filmmaker feel. If you are looking for that same cinematic smoothness on the ground we have the latest in electronic handheld Ronin and Crane brand gimbal stabilizers for big & small cameras like our monster Red Epic Dragon or little Panasonic Lumix GH5s