Video Post Production

We have made a couple quick tutorial videos to show a glimpse into our experience, what goes on in our editing room and how we can speed things up while maintaining industry standard quality!

Editing & Post-Production

Other than marketing, editing & Post-production is the final step in the video production process. It is often also referred to simply as post. e.g. "We can fix that in post".  🙂

Many things can happen during the post-production process. Common tasks are:

  • Organizing & editing video footage
  • Searching for and editing music, adding sound effects, looping/ADR actors if needed.
  • Adding titles and graphics
  • Color, noise reduction & exposure correction
  • Adding visual effects if and when needed
  • Re-shooting scenes if required ("pick-ups")

In some cases post-production is relatively easy for a pro. This consists of choosing and arranging footage in the correct sequence. In most cases however, post-production is a super tedious time-consuming job.  Post production usually takes longer than the production phase in most cases.

Flare Media Group started as an editing company for web and tv commercials after traditional training at Los Angeles film school. Owner of Flare Media Group, Chris Cameron, has over 15 years of experience in professional post production starting with Final Cut editing software then Avid Media Composer and now the Adobe Premiere suite including After Effects and Photoshop.

Commercial video editing room at Flare Media Group