High Motion Media for Business from just $199 for 6 to 15 Second Branded Spots!

Your customers are like fish, what you need is flashy moving click bait to cut through all the mucky muck and get your business out there! That's right, I said Mucky Muck... πŸ™‚

High Motion Media is media that has a higher than normal frame rate to allow for more clear movement to be captured without motion blur.

Movement is what video is all about and with today's high motion (high frame rate) cameras plus modern stabilizers and drones we can now capture more movement with ease that is much smoother and clearer than ever before. Adding just a little motion to any video like talent walking with the camera or aerial location shots can dramatically increase perceived product value and viewer response by up to 400%

High Motion Pricing

Standard pricing for regular and advanced drone services.

Promo Aerial & Gimbal

$100/hour 2 hour minimum
  • HD or 4K Video
  • One licensed drone pilot
  • Overhead aerial location video
  • Exterior aerial HDR photos
  • Low aerial storefront video & photo
  • Gimbal walk-up & through video
  • Interior HDR photos
  • 2 Million of property protection
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Pro Aerial & Gimbal

$200/hour 2 hour minimum
  • Everything in the promo package
  • +Super high speed for "slow motion"
  • +Handheld gimbal from vehicles
  • +Flying over water, Races & events
  • +Flying at dawn or dusk
  • +flying around trees & buildings
  • +Pre-programmed aerial way points
  • +10 Million of property protection
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Please view our Post Production page for additional video editing, color, sound, animation & fx costs.

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