In Loving Memory of

Mike Elias

October 19, 1985 – January 13, 2021 


Mike and MAX!


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You should be able to join the empty meeting and then leave and rejoin again when it’s time on Sunday the 24th at 3pm. 

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Please keep your microphone muted unless it is your turn to speak so it doesn’t cause feedback over other speakers.


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Date: Sunday 24th, 2021 | Time: 3:00pm – 3pm to 3:15 (slideshow intro),

3:15 to 4:15 (family & friend speakers), 4:15 to 4:30 (slideshow outro)

Family Speakers

Rachel Elias Wein (sister), David Elias (father) and Marc Elias (brother) will speak first.

Additional Speakers

Alex Calle

Miguel Hernandez

Travis Vroman

Lt. Col. Bonnette

Maggis Fridstrom

 Each will speak for roughly 5 minutes.

If we have extra time we can have people raise their hand if they want to tell a story.


Zoom Memorial Video

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