St Michael the Archangel Catholic Church – 2281 FL-580, Clearwater, FL 33763

Pat was born on August 10th, 1940 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. His parents, Ernesto & Rose, were from Italy. His brother Amelio, who was six years older than him, was an attorney. Pat always looked up to Amelio for advice. They were both very mild mannered men, never argued and always enjoyed each other’s company.

When Pat was 17 years old his mom was tragically killed by a car. Pat was devastated and his dad sent him to Italy where he lived with his grandmother for 6 months. When he came back to the states he went to college and got an associate’s degree in Marketing. Still he didn’t know what he wanted to do! Through the advice of his brother he went to funeral directing school and became a “funeral director”.

In December of 1979 he met Annette. They were married in October of 1981. She became pregnant with their son, Michael and so he convinced her mom and dad and brothers to move to the Bronx so they could all be together.

When Pat lost his son Matthew, at the age of 21, he found it difficult to deal with death and shortly after he retired and moved to Clearwater, Florida where he lived for the past 15 years. If he had it his way. He would have been here at least 30 years ago but it was difficult for his wife Annette to leave her family and for their son Michael to leave his friends at the age of 9.

15 years ago he finally convinced his wife and son to move and it made him very happy. His son Michael got his MBA at USF and together they started a rare coin business. Pat was a collector for years so with Michael’s business knowledge and Pat’s love for coins, they ran a very successful coin shop.

Pat loved socializing with people. His dad used to call him “the mayor”. The customers used to love to come in and talk to him about coins.

After being a funeral director he felt being in the coin business wasn’t working, it was fun!