Angel Hanz for the Homeless

When Tony Robbins interviewed some of the most successful people in the world, some said that one of the main things that drove them to such success was the fear of being homeless… Can you imagine having to sleep on concrete, not having food to eat or anyone that cares […]

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Sky replacement demo pic

Sky Replacement Breakdown

Bad weather? NO PROBLEM! Check out this quick and easy sky replacement clip we just did for Paul at AFC Urgent Care Clearwater who just ordered 2-two minute video spots from us to help launch their new physician guided weight loss program. Don’t let bad weather bring you down, with […]

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Crane 2 Gimbal Makes It Fun

Our new Crane 2 gimbal stabilizer blows away the Ronin rig with lighter weight freestyle performance and handling in realtime that makes shooting b roll fun again with longer and ultra smooth one take shots that rock!

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Sponsored Angel Hanz for the Homeless Banner from Flare Media Group

Angel Hanz for the Homeless Banner

Join us here at Flare Media Group in sponsoring Angel Hanz for the Homeless in Hollywood, California by creating your own banner and advertising at every event from just $99 per event!  Karen at Angel Hanz will hang your banner on their tents and/or tables and you will get a […]

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Light Speed Video Editing

Our brand new incredibly fast Apple iMac 5K pro edit bay team member to deal with all this 4K and 6K commercial video from new space age gimbal cameras and aerial drones. iMac 5K 2017 i7 4.2 ghz processor GRaid Shuttle XL 32 Terabyte Thunderbolt 3, 8gb graphics, 64gbs ram […]

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Movie Based Commercials

Cool classic movie based commercials we just shot for one of our favorite clients and proven brilliant national marketing force – CK ADVERTISING.  Click hashtag to watch original movie scenes:  #topgun #fastnfurious #ferrisbueller #supertroopers

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