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Gone are the days when a filmmaker, photographer or professional editor had to use a houseful of equipment to do professional work. Today there are lightweight and more affordable high impact plastic component or carbon fiber cameras made with space age sensors that see up to 10X more light and resolution than the human eye. Lighting has become way more powerful and lightweight and now mainly consists of flicker free film grade LED's that are totally cool to the touch and small enough to easily transport.

Smaller cameras and lights that are more powerful equal less time and equipment on projects and the time that is now spent is easier and more enjoyable by a smaller crew thus making for a smaller budget. Combine these powerful small efficient cameras and lights that make things so much easier with now available smaller and more affordable motion control robotic systems, sliders, dollies and drones that would have cost as much as a house 10 to 20 years ago and you get fast, fun and almost movie quality productions for up to half price!!!  At least this is true if you choose Flare Media Group. That's why we are one of the best Clearwater, Tampa and Orlando Video Production Companies.

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